Art has always been present in my life.  Making art with my hands is where I find my passion.  I am extremely reactive to my surroundings, and my work is a direct reflection of this. Since moving to Washington from Kansas, my art has developed as a response to the cultural contrast between the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest.  I use my art as a way of exploring my own values and emotions that are continuously influenced by a new climates and changing social scenes. I am responding to these changes through my sculpture and jewelry, with an aesthetic that is inspired by popular culture. My designs are often presented to me through daydreams.  I then start sketching and refining a form, and I begin creating each piece as an object to treasure. I began working with jewelry and glass together to exaggerate everything I love about glass: the way it captures and reflects light, its saturated colors, and its eye catching sparkle. I appreciate boldness and shine.  As I work more with silver, I have begun to appreciate it as a sculptural material rather than a vehicle for its display.  Learning new techniques and different styles helps me to find new and innovative ways to decorate the world and its people.

Artist Statement


© Megan Stelljes 2013

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